Ruslana, 3A+b, 2021 – Review

Review Jip  Hello! My name is Ruslana and I will tell you about how I experience owning a bird. I will tell you what to focus on, what to do and things NOT to do. I will also show you my parrot and his toys and stuff he likes to do. Keep reading to learn about all of the above.  So, good to know is that owning a bird takes a lot work and patience. When you are planning on buying a bird, you should prepare before you come home with a little floof (another word for a pet with soft, fluffy fur or feathers)   First, you should have a cage or nest for your bird. My bird Jip has a big, grey cage. It’s good to own a big cage because your bird has to get some exercise. You also have to make sure your little friend is able to eat and drink whenever it wants. You could buy a brand-new cage or a second-hand one that’s for sale.  It’s smart to get a water bottle that is detachable. That is …

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‘Isa Smith’, 3HB, 2020 – My Mistakes?

My mistakes? Don’t blame me for my mistakes I already said sorry for Now it’s time to move on What’s in the past is in the past Our time will come Don’t act like I’m the only one The only one who has made mistakes Cause friendship comes from both ways -Isa smith