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Welcome to Let’s Grow! This is an English-English formative English learning method. If you are a student at the GSG Leo vroman you can log in on the right.

Contact me at dennisdevink@gmail.com for more information about Let’s Grow!

1 thought on “FAQ”

  1. Only ask a question here if you’ve checked the FAQ, didn’t find your answer and have already sent an email to your teacher. This comment box is not regularly checked for new comments. This means other user may come here to help you but we won’t.

    If couldn’t find your answer in the FAQ, send an e-mail to your teacher:

    Ms Kerkhoven: khv@gsgleovroman.nl
    Mr Schaap: @gsgleovroman.nl
    Ms Gaasendam: @gsgleovroman.nl
    Ms Walraven: @gsgleovroman.nl
    Mr Karsmakers: kar@gsgleovroman.nl
    Mr de Vink: vin@gsgleovroman.nl

    If your questions or feedback are not task or project-specific, consider sending an e-mail to vin@gsgleovroman.nl. Mr de Vink can make changes to the website. Always CC your own teacher in this instance.

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