What is a Skilltree? What can you do with the Skilltree?

A skilltree is something like in a game. For example, you need certain skills to continue the game. To go further and gain progress. You need certain skills, like knowing what a rubric is, to make a rubric yourself and understand why it’s necessary to have a rubric because you need this in order to pass phase 1 during the tasks. 

Just like you have in the game Assassins Creed: Odyssey!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Game skill tree

As you might notice in the left navigator bar, you can find loads of things to practice or study in the skilltree. These ‘skills’ are needed in order to do tasks or projects. 

  • There are some things that might help you during phase 1 of the tasks. For example, there is a skilltree subject called ‘Rubric‘ where you can figure out how a rubric works and what it should look like. Of course we use our own Let’s Grow rubric but this explains why it’s handy to use one and how you should use the rubric.
  • TEXAS is a way of writing, the skilltree explains this because you need to use this in the second Project. 
  • You can also study all of the tenses! Present tenses, past tenses, future tenses and we also have a summary of all the tenses together in a nice overview.
  • We also have a little explanation on how a sentence should look. There is always a basic sentence order that you can use.
  • And last but not least, we have some grammar (subject-verb agreement, could, should and would, apostrophe and plural etc.) to study and practice with! 
After the explanations on the tenses and some of the grammar, we also have exercises you can do in order to check if you fully understand what you just read!