How Summer Came to Be – By Youssef el Hatri

It all started 4000 years ago in ancient times. In the world of the gods, the gods were quietly doing what they had to do, and the earth was peaceful but frozen. she, the goddess of the sun, sat on her throne, beaming at the world, as she always did. Everything was as it was and as it had always been. Until something began to shine and caught her eye.

Something was shining on the earth. It was beautiful and reflected in the thick layer of snow that rested on the earth. she became curious and climbed down from her 4-metre-high throne to get an even better look. Completely captivated by the beautiful colours it glowed with, she went to hang on the edge of the clouds. She couldn’t get enough of it and came closer and closer to get a good look at this beautiful phenomenon.

Things were getting restless on earth. The snow was thawing and people were confused by the heat that was coming towards them. The sun is moving! It is getting closer!’ ‘What should we do, what should we do!’ was shouted in panic. she is angry, she is coming for us! Some people started praying and making sacrifices, but nothing could stop her. The sun came closer to the earth day by day and the earth warmed up slowly but surely.
It is almost the middle of summer, she is now so close to the earth that it is 40 degrees. Still in transition, she headed towards the brilliant light. But the moment she reaches the earth, it is gone. Melted by the heat or burnt by the many forest fires of trees that could no longer cope with the heat. When she sees what damage she has done with her heat and curiosity, she returns to the world of the gods, the same long way back. Where she leaves the earth and the beautiful light that once was there, and where the coolness penetrates the earth again.

Every year she goes back to earth to see the beautiful light again, every time it is gone before she even touches the earth. That time when she goes to earth is now called `Summer`. And why? Because it was not just something she saw.

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