C1+ Listening Year 3

This rank may change to whichever level you have proven to master. For example. Pre-A1, A1, B1+ or C1. You prove your level by doing listening checks. As soon as you fail a listening check you should NOT try to do the remaining checks. Instead, you should start practising the listening skill at the level you have failed to prove. If you are curious about which level you should master by the end of the year, we advise you to check out this link (https://www.lets-grow.today/erk) or talk to your teacher: If you want to practise the listening skill after your diagnostic (EVAs) listening checks, you may use the materials provided here. Never cheat on EVA listening or reading checks. They don’t result in additional XP or GEMS. They are simply used to provide you with more information about what level you have and what you should work on.

1 Requirement

  1. You have reached this rank by completing a C2 Listening Check with a score of at least 60%.