Nick van Hattem, 3Ha, 2021 – FanFiction

Chapter 1 

Simon was looking on a gay site and was thinking to himself: “Am I gay?”. He wasn’t turned on when he saw a girl and he wasn’t turned on when he saw a boy. He looked at a gay site but it was nothing so Simon decided to look on a dating site. He was chatting with a girl and he liked it. It was a girl from his school so he wanted to know who she was so he asked her on a date and the date was going well.  

Simon was in love with this girl, and he was very happy. But the girl was dangerous and very bad for everyone, but Simon didn’t know that because he was in love with her. Simon was so happy that he invited her to dinner with his parents to meet each other.  

When she was with his parents she acted differently, and Simon’s parents didn’t like it and they told her that and then … she screamed ‘’I never want to see you again !!!’’ The parents were scared and told Simon if you are with this girl, we never want to see you again.  

But Simon was in love with her and he didn’t see that she was dangerous. Simon wanted to introduce his girlfriend to his friends but Simon didn’t know that this girl had had a fight with his friends. So, the friends said if you ae with this girl we are not your friends anymore. Simon still chose his girlfriend because he loved her. One year later Simon was mad at his girlfriend for the first time. Simon told her that what she did was wrong. She responded very angrily, and she said ‘’I hate you and if you going to be mad at me again, I never want to see you again. That is when Simon knew that she was very bad for him and why his parents and his friends had left him. So, Simon decided to leave her and go back to his family and friends. And they lived happily ever after! 

Chapter 2 

Simon didn’t know if he loves girls or boys so he decided to look at a dating site for gender neutral. Simon was chatting with boys and girls and he asked if they would go on a date with him and they said yes. After Simon dated he found out that he doesn’t love boys and girls.  

Simon was scared and lonely. Simon didn’t want to tell his parents because he was scared. Simon couldn’t keep it a secret longer because he was having panic attacks. Simon decided to tell it to his parents.  

His parents said it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy. Simon said that’s just the problem I am not happy. His parents said what can we do to change it, maybe we can give you a pet then you might be less lonely. Simon said yes I want a dog. Simon was very happy with his dog because the dog will always love him.  

Simon was so happy that he loved his dog and married with his dog he said to everyone ‘’ a dog always loves you but a human doesn’t that’s why I married my dog’’ and Simon had a happy life!