0-100💎 Design an ad for a newspaper (4V T3a Newspapers B2)

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For this mining expedition, you’re going to create an advertisement that is worthy of being on the front page of a newspaper.


Make a proper advertisement of at least 100 words according to the instructions.


You can gain extra GEMs when your advertisement has those aspects of an actual advertisement: it has wordplay, it is enticing, it stands out, it makes you want to buy, etc.


1 Find a product you want to write your ad about and make sure to know your target audience
2 Write your own memorable message for this product
3 Give background information on the product
4 Design visuals to go with your ad
5 Design and write your ad on your laptop

Needs to be at least 100 words and requires visuals.

If you finish this mining expedition before handing in your Produce Phase III from the Newspapers task, you may add it to your own front page.

Hand in your advertisement via Magister, embedded in your own newspaper front page or in the way your teacher has told you.

Check whether you have completed all the steps before handing in your expedition.