0-80💎 create a motion to propose substantive action regarding a topic of your choice (4V P3a Political Debates B2)

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For this mining expedition, you’re going to create a motion to propose substantive action regarding a topic of your choice. A motion is a proposition that you make in order to make sure the House takes substantive action (a motion can also be used for smaller things, such as amendments or the postponing of a meeting). An example of a motion can be found below.

Example Motion of substantive action

I move that we do a roadside cleanup for our community service project in the following districts of London:

  • Barnet
  • Charing Cross
  • Chelsea
  • King’s Cross
  • Northwood

The reason for this motion is the polluted state these specific districts are in. These districts have become a risk to residents’ health and, according to Health Code Regulations, should not be in the state they are in.


Make a proper motion of at least 100 words according to the instructions.


You can gain extra GEMs when your motion is more like an actual motion and contains originality.


1 You will record a video of yourself in which you propose a motion in an official way.
2 In the video, you will raise your hand and state your motion, starting with “I move…”
3 Your motion will be according to the format found in the example.
4 Your motion will use formal language.
5 After explaining the motion, you will explain why you chose this particular subject and this action.

Needs to be at least 1 minute and needs to feature you prominently.

Still unsure what a motion really is? Ask your teacher for help!

Hand in your advertisement via Magister or in the way your teacher has told you.

Check whether you have completed all the steps before handing in your expedition.