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You are a book jacket designer

Around every book you buy, there is an enticing book jacket with blurb. What is a book jacket and what is a blurb, you ask?

A book jacket is that paper around a book that has information on it which makes you want to buy that book, such as: the blurb (usually a piece of a review of the book), the summary, the title, an interesting picture, etc.

Your boss has given you a novel that you need to design a book jacket for. This means you will have to create one from scratch. You will spend the next three weeks creating the best book jacket for your book that you can think of.

Remember: the book with the best book jacket, gets sold the most, so be creative!

Duration and rewards

  • Total project duration: 300-350 minutes
    • 270 at school
    •  30-80 at home*
  • Weeks to finish: 3
  • Domain periods: 3x45min
  • Instruction room periods: 3x45min


  • Week 1:
    • Produce Phase I
    • Explore and Compare Phase
  • Week 2:
    • Produce Phase II
    • Feedback Phase
  • Week 3:
    • Grow Phase
    • Reflect Phase
    • Show Phase

The default XP for a task is 200XP per week. 

So you can earn 600XP with this project.

You can earn GEMS by doing excellent and extra work (Mining expedition).

One GEM is worth 2XP.

This project is for year 2.

Vocabulary and grammar

Vocabulary related to:  introducing yourself, asking questions, giving personal information

Grammar related to:

  • Present simple
  • Present simple questions
  • Questions with to be
  • WH-questions

Learning goals

Speaking Goals

  • I can have a conversation, A1
    • I can…
      • introduce myself.
      • greet someone.
      • say goodbye.
      • ask how someone is doing.
      • react to someone’s story.
  • I can exchange information, A1
    • I can …
      • ask and answer questions.
      • say what I like and dislike.
      • ask for clarity.
  • I can tell something, A1
    • I can give information about myself.
  • Other:
    • I can get to know my classmates better
    • I can become more familiar speaking English
    • I can overcome my fear of speaking English with my classmates.

Basic instructions

  • Study the vocabulary/grammar regularly.
  • Do the project step by step.
    • Each new step explains what to do.
    • Stick to the project schedule
  • Read all the instructions, every time.
  • Do the checks as well as you can.
    • prepare before a check, by studying for example.
  • Ask questions when you run into problems