4V P3a Political Debates B2

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4V P3a Political Debates B2

The Story Behind This Task

You are…

A member of the British Parliament.

You have ideas on how this country should be governed and you are willing to share those views with others, as well as convince them of your views.

You will prepare for a political debate with your classmates, and conduct said debate with your debate team.

The debate will be structured in an official way and will be held in front of the class.

You will also learn about the structure of the British government in order to prepare for your debate.

Additionally, you will learn some information about how to structure a debate, and how these kinds of debate are conducted in real life.

The House of Commons in Great Britain. Source: Sky News
The Palace of Westminster in London.


You have two lessons a week to work on the task. The other lesson we will do other activities. The last week of the project will be used for the Execution Stage. This means you will have a total of 8 lessons to work on this project.

This project lasts for 5 weeks.

Exploration Stage: 2 lessons

Production Stage I: 3 lessons

Production Stage II: 3 lessons

Execution Stage: *2-3 lessons

*these lessons can’t be used to work on your project, but are instead used to do your debates.


You can earn 1000XP with this task.

You can earn 60 extra GEMS in total for this task. These are based on:
– Language used in your debate
– Properly constructed arguments supported by factual statements
– Being the winner of the pleas

You can only get these points if you did extra well. SO better than you should.


related to:

  • debates
  • politics
  • British government


No specific grammar is used for the debates, but it is important that you use the tenses well and that you use proper sentence structure.

Year and level

Year 4

B2 Speaking, B1 and B2 Listening, B2 reading

Learning Goals







Link naar volledige leerdoelen kaart

De bovenstaande leerdoelen voor schrijven zijn terug te vinden op de leerdoelkaart B1 en B2 voor moderne vreemde talen (MVT). Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B1 MVT leerdoelen. Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B2 MVT leerdoelen.

Mining Expeditions

Political Debates Mining Expedition

For this project, you can earn extra GEMs by creating a motion to propose substantive action regarding a topic of your choice. Find out more here.

  4V P3a Vocab List
1 achievable
2 appalling
3 boisterous
4 bond
5 career
6 colloquial
7 common
8 comparable
9 consensus
10 conservative
11 constituency
12 contention
13 credible
14 deputy
15 disorder
16 election
17 eligible
18 ethical
19 exponentially
20 extensive
21 factual
47 foible
22 Foreign Secretary
23 frivolous
24 global
25 gobsmacked
26 handful
27 Her Majesty's pleasure
28 holdover
29 human rights
30 humane
31 inevitable
32 innate
33 isolation
34 jittery
35 lethal
36 literacy
37 lord
38 major
39 majority
40 mayor
41 misdeed
42 monarch
43 monarchy
44 motion
45 nation
46 obligatory
48 opposition
49 orderly
50 overload
51 parliament
52 partial
53 patriot
54 peer
55 plea
56 Prime Minister
57 prominent
58 purpose
59 ratio
60 raucous
61 restriction
62 role model
63 significant
64 society
65 spectrum
66 substantive
67 The Standing Orders
68 The Tea Party
69 timely
70 to block
71 to borrow
72 to continue
73 to counter
74 to define
75 to deteriorate
76 to divide
77 to elect
78 to engineer
79 to evaluate
80 to experience
81 to fulfill
82 to gamble
83 to intervene
84 to limit
85 to lose one's head
86 to mock
87 to oppose
88 to pose
89 to propose
90 to punish
91 to strengthen
92 topic
93 treatment
94 truth be told
95 ultimately
96 union
97 vital
98 vote
99 Whip
100 worldwide