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4V T3a Newspapers B2

The Story Behind This Task

You are…

The editor-in-chief of a newspaper! 

Nowadays, the internet is a haven for information. If you want to know something about a certain topic, you are guaranteed to find information on it. Do you want to know about all the different types of frogs? Then the internet will give you a number of websites to choose from. Do you want to know about plate tectonics? The internet is there for you. 

However, not all the information on the internet is useful, and not even all of it is trustworthy.  

You are sick and tired of all the useless and untrustworthy information that you’ve found on the internet, and you’ve decided to start your own newspaper, with your own stories, and your own sources. 

In this task, you will learn the difference between different newspapers and how to structure a good newspaper article. 

You will create the front page of your newspaper, and write articles to fill it. You will write a total of at least 3 articles and create the layout of your newspaper. 


You have two lessons a week to work on the task. The other lesson we will do other activities.

You have 5 weeks for this task.

  • Explore Phase: 1 lesson
  • Produce Phase I: 2 lessons
  • Feedback Phase: 0.5 lesson
  • Grow Phase I: 0.5 lesson
  • Produce Phase II: 2 lessons
  • Produce Phase III: 2 lessons
  • Feedback Phase II: 1 lesson
  • Reflect Phase: 0.5 lessons
  • Show Phase: 0.5 lesson


You can earn 1000XP with this task.

You can earn 60 extra GEMS in total for this task. These are based on:
– Language used in your articles
– Correct newspaper article structure
– Outstanding use of grammar in your articles

You can only get these points if you did extra well. SO better than you should.


related to:
– news
– newspapers
– publications


related to:
– Past simple
– Present perfect
– Concise writing
– Sentence structure

Year and level

Year 2
B2 Writing
B1 and B2 Reading

Learning Goals






Link naar volledige leerdoelen kaart

De bovenstaande leerdoelen voor schrijven zijn terug te vinden op de leerdoelkaart B1 en B2 voor moderne vreemde talen (MVT). Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B1 MVT leerdoelen. Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B2 MVT leerdoelen.

Mining Expeditions

Newspaper advertisement Mining Expedition

For this task, you can do a mining expedition in which you design and write an advertisement for your newspaper. If you finish this mining expedition before you hand in your front page, you may add it to your front page. You can find the assignment here.

  V4 T3a Vocab List
1 Journal
2 Magazine
3 Tabloid
4 Feature
5 Editorial
6 Column
7 Review
8 International
9 Politics
10 Business
11 Opinion
12 Technology
13 Science
14 Health
15 Advertisement
16 Billboard
17 To sponsor
18 Editor
19 Paparazzi
20 Anchor 
21 debt
22 decline
23 to disrupt
24 margin
25 transcription
26 guilty
27 to plead
28 to implicate
29 federal
30 trial
31 campaign
32 ripple effect
33 salmon
34 liquor
35 to blurt
36 fury
37 bootleg
38 dozen
39 to relent
40 unrelenting
41 drought
42 swath
43 tinder
44 timber
45 personnel
46 excessive
47 to linger
48 potential
49 widespread
50 forecast
51 to incinerate
52 amid
53 blaze
54 to reengage
55 mandatory
56 to violate
57 humidity
58 to mobilize
59 to char
60 to unwrap
61 broadsheet
62 legislation
63 to support
64 quote
65 quotation
66 citation
67 to evacuate
68 to outpace
69 layout
70 to finalize
71 immediately
72 to issue
73 to battle
74 remote
75 to prompt