4V T4a Literary Analysis B2

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4V T4a Literary Analysis B2


This is an extra task. This task is not required to be completed in order to pass VWO 4. You may, however, do this task to get extra XP and GEMs after you’ve finished T3a Newspapers.

The Story Behind This Task

You are…

a student at University!

You’ve just read a book and have some serious opinions on it. You intend to word these opinions in a letter and submit this letter to the editor of a renowned British or American Newspaper, such as The Guardian, The Observer, The NY Times, The Washington Post, etc.

You’re going to write a literary analysis in which you will focus on one specific point of your book. You will then address your literary analysis to the editor of your chosen newspaper.

Your analysis will be properly structured and will use high-end vocabulary as well as quotations to support your arguments.


You have two lessons a week to work on the task. The other lesson we will do other activities.

You have 3 weeks for this task.
Explore Phase: 1 lesson
Produce Phase I: 1 lesson
Feedback Phase: 0.5 lesson
Grow Phase I: 0.5 lesson
Produce Phase II: 2 lessons
Reflect Phase: 0.5 lessons
Show Phase: 0.5 lesson


You can earn 600XP with this task.

You can earn 60 extra GEMS in total for this task. These are based on:

  • Advanced language use in your essay
  • Advanced sentence structure in your essay
  • Showing advanced understanding of the literary terms in your essay

You can only get these points if you did extra well. SO better than you should.


related to: essays and literary terms


related to: sentence structure and capitalization

Year and level

Year 4
B1 Writing
B2 Reading

Learning Goals





Link naar volledige leerdoelen kaart

De bovenstaande leerdoelen voor schrijven zijn terug te vinden op de leerdoelkaart B1 en B2 voor moderne vreemde talen (MVT). Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B1 MVT leerdoelen. Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B2 MVT leerdoelen.

  4V T4a Vocab List 
10  compelling 
11  concise 
12  defined 
13  dichotomy 
14  dimension 
15  dismissive 
16  ethos 
17  event 
18  evidence 
19  exalted 
20  failing 
21  fate 
22  fellow 
23  flashback 
24  focus 
25  genuine 
26  grim 
27  gullible 
28  hardship 
29  incontrovertible 
30  influential 
31  inverted 
32  literary device 
33  logos 
34  mental health 
35  merely 
36  misery 
37  modest 
38  moral 
39  mortality 
40  overwhelming 
41  paper 
42  pathos 
43  physical 
44  poetic justice 
45  premise 
46  privilege 
47  puddle 
48  pursuit 
49  ranch 
50  rhythm 
51  rigid 
52  salve 
53  scornful 
54  simplicity 
55  smooth 
56  stardom 
57  sullen 
58  symbolism 
59  tangible 
60  technological advancement 
61  thorough 
62  to accomplish 
63  to analyze 
64  to articulate 
65  to assemble 
66  to board 
67  to cherish 
68  to conceptualize 
69  to cope 
70  to fool 
71  to forecast 
72  to identify 
73  to insist 
74  to invoke 
75  to lurk 
76  to meander 
77  to mock 
78  to operate 
79  to outline 
80  to plunge 
81  to pull back 
82  to rely on 
83  to reveal 
84  to scoff 
85  to seduce 
86  to snuggle 
87  to soak up 
88  to spurn 
89  to take pride in 
90  to tie in 
91  to undergo 
92  to underline 
93  to vanish 
94  trusting 
95  ultimately 
96  unfulfilled 
97  various 
98  venue 
99  wealth 
100  wrap-up