4V T4a Literary Analysis B2

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4V T4a Literary Analysis B2

The Story Behind This Task

You are…

a student at University!

You’ve just read a book and have some serious opinions on it. You intend to word these opinions in a letter and submit this letter to the editor of a renowned British or American Newspaper, such as The Guardian, The Observer, The NY Times, The Washington Post, etc.

You’re going to write a literary analysis in which you will focus on one specific point of your book. You will then address your literary analysis to the editor of your chosen newspaper.

Your analysis will be properly structured and will use high-end vocabulary as well as quotations to support your arguments.


You have three weeks to work on this task.
Explore Phase: 1 lesson
Show Phase: 1 lesson


You can earn 600XP with this task.

You can earn 60 extra GEMS in total for this task. These are based on:
– Advanced language use in your answers
– Advanced sentence structure in your answers

You can only get these points if you did extra well. SO better than you should.


related to:
– exam vocabulary


related to:
– Sentence structure

Year and level

Year 4
B1 Writing
B2 Reading

Learning Goals





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