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Welcome to ‘Let’s Grow!’ This is an English-English formative language learning method. If you are a student at the GSG Leo Vroman, you can log in on this website with the login details provided by your teacher. Contact your teacher if you cannot log in,

Bent u een ouder/verzorger/huiswerkbegeleider/etcetera? Vraag de leerling om in te loggen zodat u alle informatie kunt lezen.

Voor meer informatie kunt u ook een mail sturen naar de vakdocent van de leerling. Het emailadres van de vakdocenten is de afkorting van de docent, gevolgd door De afkorting van de docent vindt u in het rooster van de leerling.

This website is a non-profit educational tool built for use at a secondary school in the Netherlands by teachers from the school. We’ve tried to be thorough and complete in giving credit for all used sources. If you find we’ve missed something please let us know at so we can resolve any issues.

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Vocab Lists an associated (mobile) tools and uploaded word lists online
Browne, C., Culligan, B. & Phillips, J. (2013). The New General Service List / The New Academic Word List / The TOEIC Service List . Retrieved from

Other great people and organisations: for the wonderful links to interactive learning content he (Nicky) provides.

WHAT IS EXTENSIVE LISTENING. (2020, 3 16). Opgehaald van Extensive Reading Central:
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‘Let’s Grow!’ was started and built from the ground up by Dennis de Vink. He works at the GSG Leo Vroman secondary school in Gouda. Other people who have joined in writing (lesson) materials for ‘Let’s Grow!’ are Richard Karsmakers, Bart Schaap, Liane Gaasendam, Loes Walraven, Larissa van Herk and Judit Sola Amoros. The project is funded by the school completely.