This page helps you to work on English systematically.

This page helps you to work on English systematically.

Books you’re allowed to use for tasks/projects.

Ready to be inspired? Open Wonder and you may be!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Those who’ve achieved greatness while working on Tasks/Projects.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Enough XP? Learn English while having a great time.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Phases, stages? How confusing. Get more information here.

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Your XP schedule + year schedule + grade calculator.

Your overview of tasks and projects here.

You can find materials that will help you grow your skills faster here.

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Downloads. Your teacher will tell you to go here sometimes.

On Sundays we check who’s #1. #1 gets a GEM-reward.

Information about what LG is based on / how it works.

If you need more XP or if you are waiting for feedback, go here.

Calculate your grade here.

Check whether you’ve received points, exchange them, see stats.

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