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Tier List Topics
For this creative challenge, you are going to create a Tier List. You can create a Tier List about anything, except series and books.

The reason for this is that you need to create a Tier List about a book, or streaming/tv series in 2HV P3a.

However, your options are still endless. For example: monarchs, characters from games, games themselves, people from history, singers, actors, people on instagram, TikTok, etc.


You have to design your Tier List based on a theme. For example:

  • monarchs – charitable monarchs, eldest monarchies
  • characters from games – strongest characters, most inspiring characters, most underrated characters
  • Games themselves – games that are most addictive, games that were the most hyped but turned out to be a flop, etc.
  • Games themselves – board games that are most likely to result in family arguments during Christmas
  • etc.

Per tier list game 50💎

Use this website to create your Tier List (click here)

Provide a text of 50-100 words to explain your theme.

Provide a text of 100-200 words to explain the choices you have made for your Tier List.


If you present your Tier List in a video as well.
> 2-5 minutes, not a second longer or shorter.

Uploaded privately on Vimeo or YouTube and sent as a link to your teacher in Teams.

Example Video