0-120💎 An Homage to… YT Video (2HV OurCon Project)

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For this creative challenge, you are going to create an homage video. This is a good example. Even though we think this is a fine example, we do want you to try to sound as American, British, Australian, Scottish, Irish, South African, Canadian, Indian, etc. as you possibly can. Unless of course, you are doing an homage video to honour the ‘Dinglish’ accent.

Per AHT…YT Video 100💎


if you interview random English-speaking people in the video.

Your video should honour something typical to a country, an organisation, a family, etc.

The example video shows something typically Dutch but it can also be something typically Let’s Grow!, GSG Leo Vroman, Gouda, or typically FPS.

The video has to be fully narrated just like the example.

It has to be at least 5 minutes long and at most 7,5 minutes long.