0-125💎 Fan Fiction A: Crossover / Self-Insertion (3HV Fan Fiction Task) B1

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For this creative challenge, you are going to rewrite three pages from a book. You can choose from two different ways of rewriting the pages.

  • A: Crossover: Have the story take place in a different book/film/series or have charachters from a different book/film/universe enter the story
  • B: Self-insertion: Include yourself in the story.

Per fanfic 125💎

Google ‘self-insertion fanfiction’ or ‘crossover fanfiction’ if you need more information.

Hand in your fanfiction along with the original three pages of your book (mark them with a bookmark (best) or post-its). Alternatively, you may photocopy the original pages but that’s not environmentally conscious behaviour.

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