0-150💎 2-minute-speaker’s corner (2HV Speaker’s Corner Project)

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For this creative challenge, you are going to choose a theme* that you have not used for your speaker’s corner. You will prepare, record, and upload a 2-minute-speaker’s corner about your theme*.

Per 2-minute-speaker’s corner 100💎


If you’re speaking, standing, and acting like a real speaker’s corner speaker.


1 Start with an introduction of who you are
2 Continue by presenting your statement
3 Explain the urgency of why your theme is so important
4 present at least one argument within a logical structure to support your ideas
5 finish with a conclusion and strong call to action

No shorter than 1:55s and no longer than 2:05s.

*themes: privacy, gender, and sexual diversity, environment. You may request other themes.

Video recording uploaded in a safe space such as FlipGrid (ask your teacher), YouTube (hidden), or Vimeo (private). You can also send the video in Teams or Magister. Don’t send an email.

Check whether your video works before you send it, or a link to your video, to your teacher.