0-150💎 Semme Heisterborg’s Argumentative Essay B2-C1

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Per essay 110💎


If excellently structured (essay style).


If you use sources and you cite them using proper APA style. Don’t forget your bibliography!

The story behind this Pupil-Based Mining Expedition

For this creative challenge, you are going to choose a news topic that suits you. For example, something that makes you curious, angry, or happy.

You are going to write your opinion (argumentative essay) about it. You will need to use an appropriate text (essay) structure.

It can be about everything that appeals to you, and you can get a total of 150💎 for it.

What could really help you succeed during this assignments is: Start with a plan.

Write down:
A Opinion:
B Argument 1
C Argument 2
D (Argument 3)
E Combine the A and B, C (+D) into one sentence.
F Write a starting sentence for each of the paragraphs (opinion (A) + 1 argument (B, C or (D))
G Rewrite E

You have now written a thesis statement, three topics (discuss one topic 1 (argument) per paragraph), and a restated thesis.

H Start writing your opinion piece!


Date and time of publishing
At least 1 and a maximum of 2 images
400-500 words

Paragraphs (text structure) 
Mention what made you decide to write about this news item
Mention specific information about the incident that’s necessary to understand the opinion and arguments that you’re about to mention. Refrain from giving any form of opinion yet!
End with your opinion. Mention at least two and at most three arguments in the same sentence as your opinion.

Two or three paragraphs depending on how many arguments you’ve mentioned in the last sentence of your introduction.
Each paragraph starts with a rephrasing of your opinion and reintroduction of one of your arguments. This is the argument you’re going to elaborate on.
Make sure to mention examples, anecdotes, data, etc. to motivate your opinion + argument.

Restate your opinion and arguments but use different phrasing! Repeat some of your strongest points and examples but refrain from providing new information or new opinions/arguments.