0-175💎 Create your board game (2HV T1a Board Games)

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For this creative challenge, you are going to create the board game you’ve designed in the Board Game task.

Per board game 50💎


If you create it digitally using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc/


If you make it digitally interactive by using programming or other smart skills such as PowerPoint options.

People should be able to play it using their tablet, pc, phone, or a physical version of the board.

The rules and other game descriptions you wrote during the task should be available as well. Make special cards, a folder, etc. to present them along with your board game.

If you work together the amount of 💎 is divided among the participants.

Bonus: +25💎 (for each presenter if they speak an equal part)
If you have created a game that can be played in English;
If you present the game during an instruction room lesson and;
If everyone can play it at once (multiple prints for example)

Ask your teacher about the possibilities