0-200💎 Board game instructional video (2HV T1a Board Games)

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For this creative challenge, you are going to create an instructional video for your board game. The video is a combination between spoken instructions and showing the actions related to the instructions. See the examples below:

Per instructional video 100💎


If your instructional video is animated like the two example videos.

No more than three participants. 💎 are divided among participants as follows:

piv100💎75💎pp 50💎pp
paiv+100💎+75💎pp +50💎pp
piv: per instructional video – piav per animated instructional video

Video recording uploaded in a safe space such as FlipGrid (ask your teacher), YouTube (hidden), or Vimeo (private). You can also send the video in Teams or Magister. Don’t send an email.

Check whether your video works before you send it, or a link to your video, to your teacher.