100-200💎 Utopian Essay (3HV T6a Utopian Cities)

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Write an essay of 400-600 words about your ideal (UTOPIAN!) school / job / family / vacation / pet / house / whatever you can think of.

Read the instructions on this website. Based on what you will be writing about, read the topics underneath the heading: ‘The Issues that Could be Described in Your Paper’ carefully.

Make sure to write a ‘2. Formal Description’-essay.
It can be a great idea to show the ‘Creating a Descriptive Essay Outline‘-result to your teacher before you start writing the essay.

Per essay 100💎

…once it’s good enough


If the structure is outrageously recognisable. Tip! Follow the instructions about ‘creating a descriptive essay outline’ on the website.


If the language use is rich, especially in relation to the senses, please read website to find out how to do this.


If the essay is written at C1 level English.