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2M P1A Holiday Fair A2

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The Story Behind This Task

You are…

going to come up with your own country with two or three other students. Your teacher will tell you who.

For this country you will draw a map, flag and write a description. You will also make a promotional video.

This project will end with a holiday fair. For this fair you will plan a trip to your country.

For this trip you will make a flyer and promotional video.

During the holiday fair you will have to find a trip that fits the role your teacher will give you.


You have five weeks to finish this project.

In week 5 we will do the holiday fair, so you have to be finished then!


You can earn 450XP with this project.


related to:
– countries
– travelling
– promotion


Present Simple


Year and level

Year 2
A2 Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening

Learning Goals

Nadat je deze taak af hebt kan je de onderstaande leerdoelen afvinken op je leerdoelenkaart A2.



Gesprekken voeren



Link naar volledige leerdoelen kaart

De bovenstaande leerdoelen zijn terug te vinden op de leerdoelkaart A2 voor moderne vreemde talen (MVT). Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de A2 MVT leerdoelen.

Mining Expeditions

Holiday Fair Mining Expedition

20 gems: Pretend you went on the trip that you chose during the holiday fair. Choose one of the following assignments:

Write a travellingblog about your trip. Use at least 300 words. Describe what you did, how it was and what made the country special.

Make a travellingvlog about your trip. The video has to be at least 2 minutes long. Describe what you did, how it was and what made the country special.