4V Reading Week B2

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4V Reading Week B2

The Purpose of This Task

Why are we doing this?

You are going to practice with reading strategies. You will learn about the different reading strategies that exist in order to train you at comprehensive reading.

Comprehensive reading is a useful skill to have and one necessary for your final exam in year 6.

Although you might think: “I’m already good at reading”, or “I have already read a lot of books”, comprehensive reading is a different skill that needs to be trained. Naturally, reading a lot (whether that is books or articles) does make you better at comprehensive reading as well, as it also expands your vocabulary.

In the reading weeks, you will learn about different reading strategies and how to use them, as well as practice with different type of texts. This week, the focus will be on scanning, predicting, activating prior knowledge, deducing word meaning, and reading intensively.

You will practice with B2 level texts and how to approach them.


You have three lessons to work on this task.

You have 1 week for this task.
Practice Phase: 2 lessons
Show Phase: 1 lesson


You can earn 200XP with this task.

You can earn 20 extra GEMS in total for this task. These are based on:
– Advanced language use in your answers
– Advanced sentence structure in your answers

You can only get these points if you did extra well. SO better than you should.


related to:
– exam vocabulary


related to:
– Sentence structure

Year and level

Year 4
B1 Writing
B2 Reading

Learning Goals





Link naar volledige leerdoelen kaart

De bovenstaande leerdoelen voor schrijven zijn terug te vinden op de leerdoelkaart B1 en B2 voor moderne vreemde talen (MVT). Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B1 MVT leerdoelen. Zie deze link voor het volledige overzicht van de B2 MVT leerdoelen.

  4V RW B2
1 to characterise
2 to cause
3 to elaborate
4 to suggest
5 to summarize
6 to tackle
7 matter-of-fact
8 objective
9 subjective
10 indifferent
11 indignant
12 decade
13 often
14 to encourage
15 to achieve
16 significant
17 solution
18 to lack
19 counter-
20 to inquire
21 furthermore
22 indeed
23 admittedly
24 conversely
25 in fact
26 for instance
27 yet
28 unless
29 initially
30 equally
31 genes
32 to assume
33 to contain
34 enhancement
35 to develop
36 to struggle
37 to counter
38 species
39 pupils
40 native
41 nevertheless
42 paradoxically
43 whereas
44 consequently
45 therefore
46 thus
47 prosperity
48 development
49 trial
50 corporation